A New & Unique Wet Wipe

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What makes ours different?

Our wet wipes are different from the others for many reasons. From their practicality, to how they are made and to how they can be used on almost everything makes them special.

Take a look below to see for yourself.

The 3 simple steps

But where can I use these?

Let’s say you just ate a tasty meal, but wait. Your hands are all oily and full of sauce. You try to wipe them off with a normal tissue but your hands are still sticky…

Here is where our wipe comes in: There is no need to tear open a packet, because with our smart and innovative design, you just need to push down. That way. no matter how oily and slippery your hands are, you can still use our wet wipes effortlessly!

Great for Cosmetics

Our wet wipes are also a great choice for someone into cosmetics and beauty. The wet wipes contain no alcohol, making them the perfect fit a delicate situation.

The cloth is made out of bamboo, making the wet wipe feel soft and good on your skin.

Did you know that they are also the easiest way of getting rid of makeup.

 Electronics such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops are also easily cleaned by our wet wipes.

We assure you that no damages are caused when you clean a device with our wet wipes.


🐾 Pet Friendly 🐾

Good news for all the pet lovers! If you have a furry friend we are sure that our wet wipes are a great fit for you.

Our wipes do not harm animals in any way, therefore it is safe to say that they can be used as much as you like. 

Right below, you can take a look at the key features for more info.


The Size

Our wet wipes are small, therefore they are easy to store. They fit practically anywhere, in your car door, in your handbag and even in your pocket!

You can even keep a small bowl on the side of your desk and whenever you need one, its right there!


Our wipes are the easiest to use amongst all the competitors. Our clever and unique design prove that oily hands are not a problem, because your hands won’t be slipping when you open the wipe. All you need to do is press the middle part. 

No pulling or ripping, just a small press.

How is it always fresh?

We designed these wet wipes specifically so that the soapy water is mixed with the cloth only when you press it. It is not already mixed, because when you’d come to use it. it would have probably been dried up.

Safe for everyone?

Above we mentioned many ways and scenarios where our wet wipe can be used. This is because our wet wipe does not contain any alcohol, making it better overall.

How is it made?

We are doing our part for the environment, as the wet wipes are 100% recyclable.

The cloth is made out of bamboo, and the plastic is PP5, meaning it is fully biodegradable and can be recycled.

Designs & Scents

You can choose from our 7 available designs.

5 of them come with a “Rouge” scent, whereas the Lemon and the Fish come with a “Lemon” scent.

(They all have the same concept but just smell slightly different, meaning it is up to you to choose.)

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The wet wipes come in boxes of 1000 pieces each.

Take advantage of our special offer: Buy 4 boxes for only €200, and we will throw in the fifth one completely for free.