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Established in 2014, gme trading was and still is to this day one of the leading companies when it comes to quality products regarding coffee and other catering goods in Malta. With many clients around the country, there is always a place nearby to try our coffee & other products  out. Of course, many important and crucial changes have been made in order to keep our standard, and we are always looking for new good opportunities, so all we are waiting for is you to let us know that you’d like to work with us!

A Lecture - Coffee & Latte Art

In 2018 GME Trading hosted a 3 day seminar for our clients on how to make a coffee really stand out, from the taste to the looks.

Meet the Lecturer:

The lecture was given by Mr Dario Ciarlantini, a professional international trainer specialising in coffee, and furthermore in Latte art.


“gme trading have an amazing team of hard working professionals. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

– John Zammit


“If you are looking for high quality products and amazing after sales look no further than gme trading”

– Claire Azzoppardi


“Once, there was a small fault with the machine but he came only 30 minutes after I called and fixed it!!”

– Abigail Gatt


“I have bought from gme trading several times and I was never disappointed. Great stuff.”

– Simon Mizzi


& several more satisfied clients…

Our clients

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Facebook Spotlights

GME Trading X Smart Fit

What is Smart Fit?

Smart Fit is a public Facebook community where tips are given on how to stay fit, by Johnny Crook, and on how to eat wisely, by Smart Eats. From our end, we emphasise how our #organic and #healthy sugar free juices and ice teas can help you in keeping fit.

The founders of Smart Fit also organise events every other week. We do our part by providing juices and ice teas for free. 

As you can see by the photos, the people who attend the events enjoy our #sugarfree drinks! The empty glasses speak for themselves! 

Also, a donation for Puttinu cares is always collected after every event.

Join the Smart Fit community here.