Sicilian Lemon Juice


Whether for a bar, or a kitchen, our new Sicilian Lemon Juice is very practical & handy to have!

It can be used in adding flavour and taste to food dishes such as salads, fish, pasta and even for drinks, if you like. 


Our sangria is a powdered preparation in 400g bags allowing you to quickly prepare an excellent Sangria.

Formed with specific ingredients making it release an inviting aroma upon preparation.

Our sangria can be prepared in an alcoholic or even a non alcoholic way.



Our “Unico” ginseng coffee allows you to prepare an excellent, creamy and pleasant warm drink for you to enjoy while you work on a document, browse the internet or other things you do that get you through the day.

Hot Chocolate

It’s winter, and you know what that means! Its hot chocolate time! Time to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and watch a tv show, or write a document or just chill out.

We have 3 different flavours for you to choose from, these being the classic, white and “fondente” meaning strong/thicker.

A measuring cup is also provided for you to easily calculate servings.