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feeju Teas

‘Wellness in a jar’ is an understatement for our latest product.

Made with hand picked high quality ingredients, and added agave and ginger for a sweet taste without sugar.


& many more benefits

bfresh Juices

These juices are on another level. Seriously. 

It’s about time to experience the real sweet taste of high quality crops, not your typical low quality packet with a sweet taste coming from sugar.

Organic Lemonade
Pink Grapefruit
Lemon Mango
Green Tea
Ceylon Tea
Matcha Tea


Freshly brewed coffee Since 1925

Authentic Biscuits

A crispy texture paired with a sweet taste is sure to fit perfectly with anything you have in mind. 

Packed individually especially for hotels, guest houses, restaurants, you name it!

Distinctive design to stand out, and a taste to remember.

Multiple flavours / types avaialble!



All your confectionary goods​


Fruit purees

& Much more to take a look at…

Hot chocolate

Wet wipes

Our wet wipes have may key features that make them stand out. They can be used in various scenarios and they are cheaper than ever right now.

(Limited Stock Available – Offer until stock lasts)


gme trading
Importers and distributors of quality products

Established in 2014, with many clients across the country gme trading never settles. We always prefer quality over quantity therefore we are sure that our products won’t disappoint you. Let’s get in touch.