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NEW! bfresh juices

These high quality juices are mother nature’s favourite drink! How about giving them a try yourself?

NEW! feeju teas

Finest ingredients, carefully picked from Greek land to form this outstanding beverage. Full of delicious twists and flavour! 

NEW! feeju syrups & lime

The ONLY sugar free syrups on the island, as well as natural lime juice, which is also sugar free. This, as well as other great benefits.


With over 90 years of experience, Romcaffè  coffee blends stand out from the competition. Whether you prefer a strong taste or a rather sweet one, we have the blend just for you.

Authentic Biscuits

When it comes to biscuits, we’ve got you covered. Our biscuits offer a great taste to go perfectly with a coffee, or anything you desire! Multiple flavours available!


Did you know that we also offer other catering goods?  From fruit purees for drinks to Sangria to Hot chocolate and more…

The Wet Wipes

The most practical wet wipes not on the market, but on the whole planet. On top of that, a special offer that will surely blow your mind away. Check out all the features such as cleaning pets, cosmetics and more.